Object of Desire: MindShift Gear rotation180° Panorama

June 5, 2014

Mindshift gear’s rotation180° Panorama photo backpack is so well thought out, it even earned a prestigious 2014 red dot award, which recognizes achievements in product design. So what’s so special about this pack with the funny name? It’s made for adventure photographers who schlep cameras, binoculars, GPS, maps and a ton of other off-road gear, and comes equipped with a special beltpack that rotates to the front for quick access. That way, if you want to snap off a quick photo during a treacherous hike, you don’t need to take off the backpack or even stop hiking to grab your camera. Meanwhile, the rest of your stuff stays safe and sound on your back. The rotation180° Panorama pack also has two tripod carrying options and an extra-large, 100-ounce, dedicated hydration reservoir pocket. at the pack’s core, there is a pre-curved back panel with a single aluminum stay for stability. If you’re going on a shorter hike, the removable beltpack can be worn separately.

Price: $199