Object of Desire: One Bag

February 24, 2012

By Dan Havlik

Ever wish your camera bag were more versatile? Sure, it’s fine for toting around your camera but what about your laptop? What about your lenses? What about your lunch? The One Bag, a Kickstarter project, is a convertible laptop, electronics and photography bag rolled into one.

Created by photographer Justin Lin and sold via his Undfind brand, the One Bag looks like a stylish messenger bag but has removable inserts and a soft bumper on the bottom that allow you to customize it for your camera body, lenses, laptop, or other products and personal items.

With the photo insert installed, the neoprene bag expands and is split into three compartments for loading your camera and lenses. Pull the insert out, and you can fit a 15-inch laptop and assorted documents and/or magazines. A main accessory pocket is big enough for an iPad, or an Amazon Kindle or Fire.

Smaller accessory pockets have room for chargers, cell phones, Clif Bars or a deck of tarot cards. Elastic zipper pockets and penholders give you a secure spot to stash valuable items such as a wallet, keys or Knicks tickets. Other accessory pockets and netted pockets (did we mention this thing has pockets?) inside the bag and on the attachable leather cover are great for cough drops, kumquats and/or kiwi fruit.

If all those pockets (and pocket protectors) have got you worried 
that the One Bag is excessively geeky, do not fear, brave photographer. The bag’s swappable cover system means you can bling it out for every occasion.


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