Object of Desire: Phase One IQ2 Series Digital Backs

May 23, 2013

By Dan Havlik

We liked Phase One’s 80-megapixel IQ180 digital camera back so much when we reviewed it a few years ago, we named it “Camera (System) of the Year” for 2011. While Phase One hasn’t increased the resolution of its backs in its new IQ2 series—and would that have really been necessary?—they have pulled out all the stops, boosting dynamic range and adding a host of extras.  

According to Phase One, its new 80-megapixel IQ280, 60-megapixel IQ260 and 60-megapixel IQ260 Achromatic 645-format digital backs have been upgraded to capture a full 13 f-stops of dynamic range for better overall image quality. Interestingly, the trio of backs also offer “high-speed” wirelessly connectivity. While we wonder how quickly huge 80-megapixel images files can be transferred wirelessly from these backs (our guess: not very fast), the Wi-Fi functionality of the IQ2 series seems to have more to do with triggering and previewing shots remotely. For instance, with the help of Phase One’s Capture Pilot app, you can wirelessly capture and view images from the IQ280 via an iPad.

Other new IQ2 features include 3.2-inch, 1.15-megapixel displays on back with touch control; a wider ISO range from as low as 35 to up to 3200; and tougher bodies made from 100 percent aircraft-grade aluminum with all connectors and ports protected by hatches and rubber covers. More important, however, is the image quality and with Dalsa-made sensors that are 2.5 times larger than what’s in 35mm, full-frame DSLRs, photos from these IQ2 backs from Phase One should be exceptional.

Prices: Start at $39,900

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