Object of Desire: Pico Flex Dolly Kit

April 17, 2012

By Dan Havlik

Camera dollies are what the pros use to create smooth, cinematic tracking shots for Hollywood movies. But because most serious motion picture cameras are big, heavy and expensive, professional dolly systems have to be big, heavy and expensive too.

With the advent of light, digital SLRs that can also shoot HD video, dolly designers are coming up with more affordable systems to let HD-DSLR shooters create stately tracking shots too. We’ve reviewed at least one of these in the past—the Humble Monkey Camera Truck ($879)—and now there’s the Pico Flex Dolly, an even more affordable solution at just $99.

Though we haven’t actually gotten our hands on a Pico Flex Dolly yet, we’ve seen it in action and are impressed. Build quality is high: It’s made of aluminum and everything is CNC-machined so the finish is smooth. The 3.5-inch-wide Pico Flex Dolly uses rollerblade-like wheels with ball bearings and has three 1/4-20 female thread positions to mount optional ball heads or articulating arms. So, along with attaching a full-size DSLR or smaller camera, you can also mount accessories to the bottom plate such as the small monitor shown in the picture.

The wheels in the front and rear are adjustable and you can glide the Pico Flex Dolly straight or in circles, allowing you to create full, 360-degrees video in a small amount of space. The kit, which is highly portable, includes the dolly, an 11-inch friction arm, shark clip and carrying pouch.

Price: $99

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