Object of Desire: Polaroid Z2300

August 29, 2012

By Dan Havlik

Those who fondly remember the classic rainbow stripe that adorned Polaroid’s instant cameras back in the day will be happy to know that it’s back. The distinctive rainbow—which has since been co-opted by photo-sharing service Instagram in its logo—now graces the front of Polaroid’s snazzy, new Z2300 instant digital camera.

Available in black or white, the pocket-friendly Z2300 camera employs a 10-megapixel sensor to capture images that can be printed out instantly via its built-in Zink printer. The printer uses 2 x 3-inch Zink paper, which has dye crystals embedded in the paper that turn into color prints when heated.

Just like in the old days, prints emerge from the Z2300 in less than a minute. Though unlike traditional Polaroid photos, the Zink prints are cheaper than instant film, smudge-proof, water- and tear-resistant, and don’t require drying time.
The Z2300 has a 3-inch LCD display on back along with some other “modern” digital features. Those nostalgic for more classic Polaroid design touches will like that you can add the traditional white print border to your Z2300 photos or have them printed as full bleeds. The 2 x 3-inch photos are available with a sticky back for posting in the “real” world rather than the virtual online world.

No, this new Polaroid probably won’t conjure up the same emotions as, say, your dusty Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera might, but it seems to be a step in the right direction for this venerable brand, which has experienced hard times in recent years.

Price: $159