Object of Desire: PolarPro Power Grip H20

March 25, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

Selfie sticks are a dime a dozen, but PolarPro’s PowerGrip H20 is unlike any selfie stick you’ve ever seen. It’s a waterproof monopod for GoPros with a built-in battery to provide extra juice for your GoPro 3+/4 as you explore the murky depths. The H20 is waterproof to a depth of 99 feet and includes a 6700mAh battery that can power a GoPro for up to 12 hours. The PowerGrip’s live charge doors replace the GoPro’s backdoor battery to provide recharging underwater. While it provides power underwater, the H20 can also deliver juice to other peripherals above ground thanks to its pair of full sized USB ports. There’s also a cell phone mount so you can recharge your mobile phone, lest you keep your Instagram followers waiting on your underwater exploits. The pole itself has an initial length of 9.5 inches but you can screw in the two included 11-inch extenders to increase your reach. There’s a tripod mount too so you can place the H20 still higher. The PowerGrip ships with a leash and an 8-inch and 30-inch charge cable. It can be outfitted with a few additional accessories to improve its utility including a $40 waterproof LED light that can also dive down to a depth of 99 feet and provide 500 lumens of illumination. The light sits between your GoPro and the battery and draws power from the H20’s battery pack.

PRICE: $150 combo pack (includes light and live charge door)


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