Object of Desire: ProDot

May 8, 2013

By Dan Havlik

In many ways, the ProDot is our favorite type of Object of Desire: It’s simple, it’s helpful and it’s amazing someone hasn’t thought of it before. Begun as a Kickstarter project that easily surpassed its goal in just 72 hours, the ProDot from Custom SLR is a textured, sticky dot you place on your camera’s shutter button to make it easier to press.

Made of a vibration-free material, the 9.8mm ProDot attaches with a residue-less adhesive so it won’t leave sticky gunk on your shutter button. On top, the ProDot has tactile traction pads so your finger won’t slip off.

Yes, it’s just a dot. No, it probably didn’t take a background in rocket science to create it. And sure, maybe you could have thought of it yourself, but you didn’t. So deal with it and get a set for yourself. They come in red, black and clear two-packs for less than ten smackeroos.

Price: $9.95 for a pack of two