Object of Desire: Rhino Camera Gear Rhino DSLR Rig

November 20, 2013

By Jesse Will

While companies from RED to Canon have brought theater-quality video shooting to the masses, manufacturers have lagged behind in producing the steadying gear that makes the footage from those cameras look, well, theatrical. One new solution comes from Rhino Camera Gear and is a legit Kickstarter success story headed up by inventor and filmmaker Kyle Hart. After successfully crowd-funding (and successfully manufacturing) sliding and stabilizing units for DSLR filmmakers in the last few years, the Seattle outfit is now producing the Rhino Rig, its most sophisticated effort yet (the planned ship date is December).

The shoulder rig is modular and, unlike most comparable rigs, nonproprietary—it’s suitable for most cameras on the market, so it won’t need to be tossed aside when you trade up for a higher end camera. The rig starts with a compact base kit, which combines two handgrips; a butt stock; and a base plate for mounting the camera. You can build on from there: A carbon rail system attaches to any standard tripod or quick-release plate and allows for tracking shots. For shooters using larger cameras with mics and monitors, a cage adds protection and provides easier gripping. And the most significant add-on: A nifty, custom-fitted shoulder rest, which articulates at nine points to distribute your rig’s weight evenly so your memory card will tap out before your back does.

Starting at $350

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