Object of Desire: Rogue Gels

November 23, 2011

By Dan Havlik

Interest in small strobe photography continues to grow as does the range of modifier products you can buy. The latest cool accessory you can get for your flash is about as “old school” as they come: Rogue Gels colored filters.

Available in a set of 20 filters, the Rogue Gels kits will give your boring old flash a range of dramatic and cinematic looks to choose from. Each kit comes with a combination of 14 color effects gels, five color corrections gels, and one diffusion gel in a convenient travel pouch with quick reference dividers interspersed to protect and organize the filters.

Each gel is printed with the LEE Filter name of the gel along with the gel’s f-stop loss value and corresponding Kelvin color temperature correction and camera white balance icon. The set-up comes in two variations: the Rogue Universal Lighting Filter Kit and the Lighting Filter Kit for Rogue Grid.

The “universal” version fits most standard shoe mount flashes via the Rogue Gel-Band — kind of a big black rubber band thingie — around the flash head. If you want something a little more unique, the Rogue Grid Gels work with the Rogue Grid attachment, which is a small honeycomb grid that attaches to your flash head to further diffuse the light.

Nothing about the Rogue Gels system is particularly novel or groundbreaking, but it’s simple and it’s done right, which could make it the most useful thing in your camera bag.

Rogue Universal Lighting Filter Kit, $29.95; 
Lighting Filter Kit for Rogue Grid, $27.95
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