Object of Desire: RucPac Hardcase Backpack Conversion Strap System

September 13, 2012

By Dan Havlik

We love Pelican hard cases for the great protection they offer to all our precious photo gear. They aren’t, however, the easiest things to haul around when you’re in a hurry.

That’s why we’re jazzed about the RucPac, which converts a wheeled hard case into a backpack while still giving you quick access to your gear. Developed by photographer Laurens Parsons, the RucPac is compatible with both Peli and Pelican cases (check the RucPac Web site for all the models it works with), letting you strap your rolling case to your back and hike into the mountains or speed through the airport, hands free.

All in all, RucPac is a fairly simple setup, featuring a large padded area and straps that distribute the weight and are easy to attach and remove from your case. Once RucPac is connected, you might swear your rolling case always looked that way. When it’s removed, the lightweight strap system can be stored in the case.

If we had one gripe with RucPac, it’s that we wish there was a more serious weight belt integrated into the system to ease the strain on your back when schlepping your heaviest gear. Maybe in the next version?