Object of Desire: Schneider Optics iPro Lens System

November 29, 2011

By Dan Havlik

Taking photos with your iPhone is fun but the biggest image-quality challenge is the phone’s poor built-in lens. Respected lens maker Schneider Optics comes to the rescue with the iPro Lens System, a unique device designed to expand the iPhone’s photo and video capabilities.

The iPro Lens System consists of a tough, black iPhone case that houses a wide-angle and fisheye lens in the device’s small handle. The lenses use a bayonet mount to lock onto the case and cover the iPhone’s built-in lens. The wide angle increases the iPhone’s field-of-view by 35 percent—or a third more of the shot—while offering low distortion and impressive sharpness. For an ultra-wide effect, the fisheye lens creates a 165-degree panorama.

And because the system is made by Schneider Optics, it uses genuine Century lenses, which are designed by the same team responsible for Schneider’s television and movie optics. The iPro lens housings are built from aluminum alloy and anodized so they’ll stand up to some wear and tear.
To prevent flare, the lenses have multi-layer anti-reflection coatings. The best part? The whole system, which is compatible with iPhone 4/4S, is just under $200.

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