Object of Desire: SEO for Photographers

April 9, 2012

By Dan Havlik

If you’ve spent two seconds worrying about increasing traffic to your Web site or blog, you’ve heard about SEO (search engine optimization). And you’ve probably wanted to run quickly for the exits.

Have no fear, wary photographer: PhotoShelter is offering a free (yes, free) SEO guide and “bootcamp” aimed at teaching you how to get more people to look at your photos online. Called simply the “2012 SEO for Photographers Workbook,” the 39-page guide gives you the lowdown on improving your Web site’s search ranking so you can attract more clients.

The cleanly designed workbook is filled with direct tips (“do this/don’t do this”) about how to choose the right search terms you want your site to be found for; how to optimize keywords throughout your site; and the basics of how Google works, so you can tailor your online portfolio to fit it.

After you sign up for the workbook, you’ll get a four-week e-mail course (i.e. the bootcamp) on SEO from PhotoShelter in four parts: Week 1: Interpreting SEO Metrics for Success; Week 2: The Simple Explanation of How Google Ranks Web Sites; Week 3: Proven Tactics to Beat the Competition; and Week 4: Tracking Your Progress to Get More Business

No, this doesn’t make SEO any more “fun,” but it does make it more manageable and all you will be investing is your time. Of course, PhotoShelter is probably hoping the SEO workbook and course will convince you to become one of its customers but that’s not required.


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