Object of Desire: snappgrip

April 16, 2013

By Dan Havlik

If you just can’t get enough of shooting photos with your smartphone but wish it were just a bit more robust of a camera, you might want to consider getting yourself a snappgrip. Yes, there are those who might look at this snap-on camera controller that turns your phone into a point-and-shoot camera and say: Why not just get a point-and-shoot? Well, for one, most conventional digital cameras still don’t offer anything like the wireless photo sharing you get with a smartphone.

Secondly, while the snappgrip adds some girth to your smartphone, it’s still way smaller than most point-and-shoots. The snap-on device adds a real, physical shutter release to your phone, which you can half-press to achieve focus. Snappgrip also gives you hardware-based zoom controls and a multiposition mode dial with Portrait, Landscape, Flash and Video options. When you don’t want to use snappgrip, just pop it off the included protective case and your phone returns to normal.

Snappgrip is compatible with the Apple iPhone 4, 4S and 5, along with the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. There’s also a free companion app, which communicates with the snappgrip control via a Bluetooth connection. One nice touch: The base of the snappgrip controller has a tripod screw mount and a micro-USB port to charge its internal battery.