Object of Desire: SpyderGallery iPad App

December 20, 2011

By Dan Havlik

If you color calibrate your computer monitor, why not your iPad? With more and more photographers using their iPads as their digital portfolios, it would make sense they’d want the 9.7-inch screen’s image quality to be pristine. With the SpyderGallery iPad calibration app, it’s now possible.

Created by Datacolor, which is already known for its Spyder3 monitor calibration solutions, SpyderGallery is one of the first apps to let you custom color profile iOS devices.

Just dangle a Spyder3 colorimeter—available separately—over the iPad’s screen, and the SpyderGallery app will measure and profile the screen’s color and then apply correction. The latest version of the app, SpyderGallery 1.2, offers better reliability for RAW and large JPEG images files; faster thumbnail generation; display and scrolling capabilities; and no longer requires Location Services to be enabled (thank the stars). The app is also now iOS 5 compatible.

No photo importing is required and you can see all your images in one gallery viewer. The app also has a personal photo watermarking feature and pixel-level zooming capabilities. All this and it’s free, too.

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