Object of Desire: The Versatile Fiilex P180E LED Light

May 29, 2014

By Dan Havlik

LEDs are very versatile lights, whether you’re using them to shoot soft, flattering portraits or to capture crisp HD video. With the extremely versatile Fiilex P180E, you can even use them during a rainstorm. This 40-watt, color-tunable LED platform has an IP-24 protection rating and is capable of withstanding direct streams of water including rain, splashes and misting. (If you want to see how one stands up to some serious water torture, there’s a good test video on Fiilex’s website.) The P180E is designed primarily for electronic newsgathering but we could see it easily being used for small set photography or out in the field, whether you’re shooting images or video. These lights are highly portable, weighing 1.2 pounds with dimensions that are smaller than a soda can. The P180E can produce color temperatures of white light from 3000K to 5600K (tungsten to daylight) and boasts an impressively high Color Reproduction Index. In short, the lights are designed to let you quickly adjust the illumination to match the surrounding environment, even when moving from outdoors to indoors. While the P180E draws only 40 watts of power, it produces an equivalent output of nearly 250 watts of tungsten lighting and far less heat.

PRICE: $625

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