Object of Desire: Think Tank Photo Sub Urban Disguise

April 30, 2013

By Dan Havlik

Oh, those folks at Think Tank Photo do know how to come up with cheeky product names, don’t they? A couple of issues ago we featured Think Tank’s Glass Limo pack for carrying your long lenses in style. Now here’s the Sub Urban Disguise, a chic but inconspicuous shoulder bag that would be as at home on urban street shoots as it would be along the sidelines of a high-school football game.

The “Sub” part of the product name refers to these bags being more compact versions of Think Tank’s bigger Urban Disguise line. The smaller capacity Sub Urban Disguise bags are useful when you just need a digital SLR body and a couple of lenses. They come in four sizes: the Sub Urban Disguise 5, 10, 20 and 30 models, which all feature flip-top lids that open away from the body so you can easily grab your gear. The largest bag in the line, the Sub Urban Disguise 30, can fit up to four lenses and a Nikon D800-size body along with an iPad or similarly sized tablet.

Other Sub Urban features include a large padded front pocket; stretchable side pockets to fit a water bottle; a padded non-slip shoulder strap; a durable, water-resistant poly-ballistic fabric construction; quality YKK zippers; a seam-sealed rain cover that fits in the front pocket; and a business card slot (if you still use those).

What we like most about these bags is their clean, modern style, which looks great and is highly functional. They also don’t resemble musty, old, traditional camera bags, which is fine by us. And oh, they all come in classic black.

Starting at $49.75