Object of Desire: Toddy Gear Smart Cloth

January 17, 2013

By Dan Havlik

The Toddy Gear Smart Cloth isn’t a particularly sophisticated product nor is it expensive. But we think it’s pretty cool. It’s a well-designed microfiber cloth that helps you clean all that disgusting schmutz off your lenses, camera LCD displays and laptop screens without scratching the surface.

The 5 x 7-inch Smart Cloth offers “dual-sided cleaning” with a plush material on one side for serious scrubbing and a silk microfiber on the other to buff and polish. Best of all for germaphobes, the cloth has an antimicrobial coating to ward off bugs that produce mold, mildew and other nastiness. Yech!

Yes, there are thousands of similar lens and gear cleaning cloths out there but the reason we give the nod to the Toddy Gear Smart Cloth is that it’s being offered in three slick “photography print” designs.

Of the three, we like the yellow one the best, but you can also choose from a green cloth with a Polaroid camera design on it and a black one with a lens. Or collect all three!

$9.99 each; $19.99 for three