Object of Desire: TriggerSmart

November 6, 2012

By Dan Havlik

We’ve written about software apps that help you trigger your camera wirelessly via your iPhone, but here’s a hardware-based device that provides a much more robust solution.

The TriggerSmart is designed to let you easily capture images with your digital SLR by sound, movement, breaking an infrared beam or increasing intensity in light. Photographic applications are wide ranging, from wildlife photography to high-speed images of breaking glass to special effects in commercial photography and water drop photography.

The TriggerSmart kit includes a UK15 Controller, IR/LIS Receiver, IR Transmitter and Sound Sensor, two mini tripods and connection cables. The sensors in the kit detect sound/light/interruption of the infrared beam, and then wirelessly trip your camera’s shutter. There’s also a Tilt-Sensor Switch, which senses vibration or movement and then triggers your camera to take a picture.

The UK15 control unit lets you adjust the sensitivity of the sensors to delay triggering capture, so you can time your split-second shot just right. Single exposure or continuous shooting over a cycle of time are also possible.