Object of Desire: Vintage Camera Lamps

October 23, 2012

By Dan Havlik

Here’s a photo novelty product that’s both practical and downright hot. These Vintage Camera Lamps are made by Tinker & Tailor from old, classic cameras that have been retrofitted with wires and bulbs so they truly light up a room.

Each camera lamp is one of a kind and once they’re sold, the company says it’s unlikely they’ll have another one just like it. Talk about limited editions!

We like the vintage lamp made from an old Praktica camera, which were film shooters manufactured by Pentacon in East Germany during the Cold War. There’s also an old Russian Zenit camera with a massive telephoto that’s been transformed into a light.

The lamps come with a 50W halogen bulb and an inline dimmer. There’s a black-cloth-covered electric cable and a plug. Prices aren’t cheap for these handmade, “one-off” products though. The lamps cost around $500 (or more), and a vintage camera stand will add another $167 to the price.

We realize some photographers might get a bit queasy seeing old cameras gutted and refashioned as home lighting gear, but think of all the landfills that will have extra space now that these Communist-era film cameras are being reused.

Starting at $507.45