Object of Desire: Vintage Camera Pillows

March 19, 2012

By Dan Havlik

You like old cameras? We like old cameras. You like pillows? We like pillows. You like pillows shaped like old cameras? Yes … yes, we do too!

But where can you get such fanciful soft simulations of these wonderfully classic mechanical creations? Why, Etsy, of course. Super crafty Ronda J. Smith took her love of photography and her love of sewing and combined them in a series of handmade pillows created from her photos of vintage cameras. Some classics she’s turned into pillows include a Rolleiflex, a stereo 3D camera, an Ansco, a No. 1A Pocket Kodak and, our favorite, an Amica Eyelux captured in its original leather case (shown here). Each pillow is an original photograph by Smith that’s then printed onto canvas, sewn onto black fabric and stuffed.

Smith’s Etsy shop is called “in the seam” and she sells her camera pillows—and pillows made from photos of old subway tokens, Mister Softee trucks, taxi cabs, cats, dogs and pigeons—on Etsy for around $45 a piece. Pillows range in size but most are small and made to throw on a sofa. “Everything I look at I want to photograph and make into a pillow,” she says.

That may be true but it’s those vintage camera pillows we love the most. Indeed we do.

Starting at $42

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