Objects of Desire: Airbak Zoom Pack

February 24, 2011

By Dan Havlik

The Airbak Zoom Pack may look like an ordinary photo backpack but it’s not. To protect your gear while simultaneously helping relieve stress on your back, the Airbak uses a patented, built-in air cushion system to offer support and comfort.

With the bag completely filled with air, the pack sits high on your shoulders to relieve pressure on your spine and improve posture. Instead of putting the stress on your back, the Airbak transfers the weight in the pack to your hips and waist where your core balance lies.
Meanwhile, a pump and a pinhole release in the pack let you adjust the air in the built-in bladder to get the right fit. (If you’ve ever slept on an inflatable Aerobed, you likely know the drill.)

While a typical pack will bang against your back with each stride, Airbak’s air pockets are designed to cushion the impact. The heavy-duty bladder inside the pack can withstand 100 pounds of pressure and will hold air for up to five years without a refill. Otherwise, this photo bag is fairly routine. It’s made of lightweight nylon and has those classic, soft photo dividers inside to swaddle your DSLR bodies and lenses. It’s super lightweight though, tipping the scales at just over two pounds. And with a retail price of just $79.99, the Airbak Zoom Pack is light on your wallet too.