Objects of Desire: Anton/Bauer Power Packs for Canon DSLRs

February 11, 2011

By Dan Havlik

Keeping your HD-DSLR rolling when you’re shooting video can be a challenge if you’re dependent on the battery that comes with the camera. While more and more digital SLRs can now shoot HD, their batteries are still living in a still photography world.

If you don’t want to have to yell “cut” in the middle of shooting your next big scene because you’ve run out of juice, consider the QR-DSLR power pack from Anton/Bauer. Compatible with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 7D, and 60D cameras, the QR-DSLR has enough power to run external monitors, additional lighting, transmitters and other video accessories your regular battery would melt under.

And thanks to a unique design, the QR-DSLR can be mounted onto most third-party HD-DSLR rigs including those made by Red Rock Micro, Zacuto, and Cinevaste. The black slab-like power pack provides a nice counterbalance to help steady the rig. The QR-DSLR can also be dropped into a pouch pack and worn on a belt.

But let’s say you’re not into the heavy-duty cinematography rig thing and just want a power solution for event photography. Anton/Bauer is also offering the DSLR-ADP-ELPZ, which is based around the ElipZ battery system and can power those same Canon DLSRs along with the company’s EliztZ and EledZ on-the-go lighting solutions. You’ll literally be able to keep shooting and shooting and shooting without needing a charge.

Cost: $245 for QR-SLR; $79 for DSLR-ADP-ELPZ

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