Objects of desire: Backdrops by WHCC

March 17, 2011

By Dan Havlik

© Studio U

When it comes to photo backdrop technology, “innovations” are few and far between. (These are backdrops; what were you expecting?) The folks at White House Custom Color, one of the country’s premier photo printers, just entered the backdrop market and they’ve come up with a simple but effective leap forward. The company’s new Backdrops by WHCC line is “wrinkle free.”

No, this is not exactly like inventing the CMOS imaging sensor or creating the Apple iPad but it can be extremely helpful for anyone who’s unpacked a backdrop at a shoot only to find it has more wrinkles than a Shar Pei dog. Unlike traditional backdrops, which are hand-painted onto muslin, Backdrops by WHCC are made of 100 percent polyester fabric to prevent wrinkles when storing or transporting them.

If you use a lot of photo backdrops in your work, you’ll probably like the more than 50 designs and patterns offered by White House Custom Color including Abandoned Study Forest Green and Brimfield Blue, which are offered in the standard 8 x 10-foot size with a pole pocket for hanging.

Cost: $350
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