Objects of Desire: Beta Shell SLR Lens Case

December 16, 2010

By Dan Havlik

We don’t know about you but aside from our wedding china (not) our most precious possessions are our lenses. And while there are many seemingly safe bags and packs out there to carry them in when we go on assignment, sometimes we need a little extra security. That’s why we like the Beta Shell SLR lens case, a water-tight container made of rigid polymer and lined with vibration dampening visco-elastic foam to keep your best lenses safe and sound even if, perish the thought, you’re forced to stow them with the luggage under the plane.

Beta Shell cases were originally developed by photographer Luis Elenes for carrying a second lens while climbing or mountaineering so they’re designed to withstand big drops. But they’re also designed for ease of use and the simple, screw-on lid shouldn’t leave you fumbling for your glass when you need to make the shot. The cases are CNC-machined out of commercial-grade ABS and PVC plastic for a tough, precise fit.

They’re also stuffed with neoprene and soft memory foam so your lenses will be safely swaddled.
And if you’re feeling particularly patriotic these days—who isn’t, really?—Beta Shell cases are all made in the U.S. in Washington state and then individually tested before they’re sold. Sizes and pricing run the gamut so visit the Beta Shell Web site to find the right case and order direct.

Cost: $45-84 (depending on size)
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