Objects of Desire: Big-Eye

December 14, 2010

By Dan Havlik

Earlier this year we had a chance to test drive K 5600’s Joker-Bug HMI lighting kit and loved the gorgeous effect we got from this continuous flicker-free light source. We weren’t so happy with the price tag—in the neighborhood of $6K—but figured if cost weren’t a concern, we’d likely go with K 5600’s HMIs over our old strobes for studio portrait work. (Of course, there’s always renting.)

Add to our wish list this most excellent new accessory for K 5600’s lighting, the Big-Eye, which turns a Joker-Bug system into a giant focusable Fresnel beauty light. While the look it creates—either a big hard spot or a loose flood—might not be useful for all of your shoots, for outdoor assignments where you want to create the dramatic effect of a precise Fresnel lens, the Big-Eye delivers. The 18K style (24-inch diameter) Fresnel lens is made out of plastic and fits in front of the Joker-Bug 200, 400, and 800W light kits. A removable scuba-style rubber skirt surrounds the Big-Eye to prevent light leaks.

The entire Big-Eye kit weighs 22 pounds maximum (with a Joker-Bug 800) and it measures 26 x 15-inches. It’s foldable for travel, and set-up will take you just a few minutes. The only major down side is, of course, the price. One Big-Eye will cost you big bucks: over $2,100. But aren’t you worth it?

Cost: $2,141
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