Objects of Desire: BRNO dri+Cap System

May 19, 2011

By Dan Havlik

Digital cameras and moisture don’t mix. Even the droplets that form on your DSLR when you move it from a cool room to the hot outdoors (or a freezing winter day to a heated apartment) can damage your camera’s delicate electronic components. And if you’re storing your gear in a not so optimal setting for extended periods of time—the overhead bins on an airplane, for instance—you’re asking for trouble. That’s where the BRNO dri+Cap dehumidifying lens cap system comes in.

Available for Nikon and Canon cameras and lenses, BRNO dri+Caps are lined with moisture-absorbing silica gel in a sealed packet in a chamber in the rear of the cap. O-rings built into the cap help create a firm seal to prevent moisture from seeping in. With the BRNO dri+Cap system in place, relative humidity should stay fixed at proper 35-45 percent levels in your camera and lenses, no matter what environment you’re in.

The dri+Cap kit comes with a camera body cap and a rear lens cap along with eight foil-sealed packs of the BRNO silica gel. The gel will change color from orange to deep green when its absorbing power is spent. The caps also come with moisture-proof covers for storage.

Cost: $54.99