Objects Of Desire: Cinevate Atlas FLT Slider

June 1, 2011

By Dan Havlik

One of the best ways to give your HD footage a professional, cinematic look is by using a DSLR slider. The problem with sliders—metal, rail-based contraptions that help produce smooth tracking shots—is that they’re heavy, ungainly and a pain in the butt to lug around. All of which is why we’re pleased as punch that Cinevate is now offering a more portable camera slider.

Called the Atlas FLT, the new slider is basically a petite version of Cinevate’s popular Atlas 10 model. But while that product weighed 12 pounds and measured 36 inches, the Atlas FLT tips the scales at about 6 pounds and is 26 inches long. For on-the-go photographers, that means the new slider will fit into a standard suitcase so you can take it on the road.

This all-metal device isn’t a lightweight when it comes to performance, however. The Atlas FLT has the same solid build as its predecessor and can support any of the largest pro DSLRs out there—Nikon D3x, Canon 1D Mark IV etc.—with a professional zoom lens attached. The slider’s aluminum/steel body is CNC-machined with stainless steel fasteners and adjustable all-terrain legs so it’s strong and stable. The Atlas FLT also has a non-reflective, black satin anodized finish that won’t get snagged in your bag.

More importantly, this thing is a whisper-quiet, sliding machine thanks to Cinevate’s smooth ball bearings and rail system. The Atlas FLT uses a vertical pulley and counter balance for stable horizontal, vertical and angled camera movements. It comes equipped with a 3/8-inch screw, so your camera will fit comfortably on top with the help of a standard ball head. And at less than $600, the Atlas FLT is one of the least expensive sliders out there right now.

Cost: $579
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