Objects of Desire: Diana Mini Flash Package White

August 1, 2011

By Dan Havlik

Some camera gear just looks better in white. Take, for example, the Diana Mini Flash Package, which is now being offered by Lomography in a pristine, all-white kit.

However you feel about the whole Lomo plastic-camera phenomenon, it’s hard to deny that these deliberately low-tech, analogue snapshooters are incredibly well packaged. The freshly laundered, minimalist and downright classic-looking Diana Mini Flash White kit is no exception, making you feel less guilty for shelling out $100+ for what is essentially a remake of a 1970s plastic camera from Hong Kong.

This new Diana Mini, as its name suggests, is quite cute and tiny and as light as a toy truck. It accepts a variety of 35mm film— color negative, color slide, black and white, redscale—and shoots in either square or half frame formats. The square format will yield 36 images and the half-frame will give you 72 shots on a standard roll of film. Along with the attachable Diana F+ flash, the package comes with an array of colored gel filters for creating unique effects.

In addition to its unpredictably splendid photographic results with saturated, off-key color, much of the appeal of the Diana Mini Flash Package White is its fresh and clean look.

When it comes to cameras these days, white is the new black.

Cost: $109
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