Objects of Desire: Expedition Wood Tripod

May 23, 2011

By Dan Havlik

We’ve written about Berlebach’s elegant wooden tripods before but every time we see one, we’re smitten again. Take, for instance, Berlebach’s Expedition Wood Tripod, now on sale from Photojojo. It’s built in Germany from sustainably harvested ash wood that’s cured for over two years before it’s crafted into a tripod.

The wood not only looks classy, it helps dampen vibration and stands up to extreme climates better than metal. (If you’ve ever gripped a metal tripod on a freezing cold day, you know what we mean.)

The Exhibition Wood Tripod extends from 20.5 inches to 69.3 inches and uses a standard 1/4-inch tripod mount. It features thick-gauge spiked retractable feet; sturdy, twisting leg locks; and has a tough but lightweight aluminum core.

And while it may look like it belongs next to a leather chair and an antique globe in a library, this tripod is a serious customer that’s able to support up to 22 pounds of camera gear. Fold it up and bring it on your next photo adventure.

Cost: $290
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