Objects of Desire: F/Stop Dial Wristband

May 4, 2011

By Dan Havlik

If you’re shopping for the photographer who has everything, get him or her one of these whimsical but sort of chic f/stop wristbands as an early “stocking stuffer.” Available in two styles—a version with colored f/stops that mimics classic Nikkor lenses and a version with white f/stops common on most modern glass—these silicon bracelets are not only unique, they help a good cause. Fifty cents of every sale of the $8.49 wristbands will go to the Red Cross Japan Disaster Relief Fund.

The color on the numbers of the Nikon version of the bracelets is borrowed from the original Nikkor lenses. Back in the “olden” days before lenses could be electronically stopped down to give you an in-camera preview of your depth of field, the colored numbers were used along with the colored lines on the lens barrel to provide an estimate. More important for the fashion conscious, those colored f/stops just look cool.

Non-Nikkor aficionados—aka Canon shooters—might prefer the white aperture version. Or collect both. Why the heck not? If you order more than one bracelet you get a discount.

Cost: $8.49
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