Objects of Desire: Gear Keeper

October 12, 2010

By Dan Havlik

If you keep a compact camera around to shoot candids, you’ve no doubt spent time frantically fishing around in your bag or pocket for it when the “decisive moment” strikes. Here’s a simple solution to that problem: an inexpensive, retractable tether called Gear Keeper that ensures your camera is handy at all times.

Available with either a strap mount or a snap clip that easily attaches to a loop or buckle, Gear Keeper allows you to quickly grab your camera, snap a photo and then let it go so it will automatically retract to a secured position. Though this is probably not something you’d use in the studio, if you’re a photographer who likes to take photos when you hike, bike, ski, or climb mountains, Gear Keeper is a great little accessory.

Originally designed for use during SCUBA diving, the Gear Keeper is strong enough to hold up to nine ounces which should cover most small, point-and-shoot style cameras. Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to carry your Canon 1D Mark IV or Nikon D3s using the traditional camera strap. The tether can extend up to 25 inches so you won’t need to unhook your camera to grab that decisive shot.

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