Objects of Desire: GoPro 3D Hero System

March 3, 2011

By Dan Havlik

Shooting high-def action footage just got bigger and better with the GoPro 3D Hero system. If you’re not familiar with GoPro already, it’s a wearable HD video camera designed to take a pounding. Strap it to a ski helmet to capture thrilling downhill footage in 1080p; or clip it to a surfboard for a heart-pounding ride through the waves. With the new GoPro 3D Hero system, it gets even more life-like thanks to the Avatar-esque 3D realism.

The “system” is really just a tough plastic housing that lets you connect two GoPro HD cameras with a sync cable to produce extra crisp 1080p 3D footage. And no, the two GoPro cameras don’t come with the $99 set-up so you’ll have to fork over the cash for them as well. A single GoPro HD Hero 960 camera sells for $179 so you do the math.

If you or your clients are interested in dramatic 3D filming, the investment may well be worth it. (Figure it this way: Start-up costs are a lot cheaper than even the least expensive pro DSLR lens in your bag.) Once you see the 3D footage the GoPro 3D Hero system can produce—and it turned many heads at the CES show earlier this year—you may be convinced.
Since the cameras are not fully integrated in the set-up, you’ll have to take your 1080p clips from separate SD memory cards in the cameras and then run them through the included software to create the co-joined 3D footage. Though the GoPro 3D Hero system sounds somewhat jerry-rigged, the resulting video is impressive. It’s almost like being there.

Cost: $99 (doesn’t include the two cameras)
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