Objects of Desire: Lens Loop

August 8, 2011

By Dan Havlik

Photographers never grow tired of trying to create better ways to secure their cameras. Add to the collection of Black Rapid sling straps, Spider Holster camera belts, plus assorted padded neckbands and hand grips, the new Lens Loop. If the Lens Loop looks more like a car seatbelt than a camera strap that’s no coincidence. It’s made out of two-inch wide, recycled seatbelt webbing.

Along with looking stylish in a retro “Brooklyn” kind of a way, seatbelt webbing is incredibly strong and durable. (Ever seen a broken seat belt? Neither have we.) The other benefit to seatbelt webbing is that it lies flat across your chest, giving the Lens Loop a thin profile when it’s slung over your shoulder. This prevents the strap from bunching up if you plan to wear a photo backpack over it.

Though the Lens Loop has its own distinctive, throwback style, the design principle is similar to the popular Black Rapid sling. The Lens Loop lies across your shoulder, rather than your neck, supporting your camera at the hip so it’s always ready. Your DSLR (or smaller) camera attaches to the strap with a stainless steel, universal connector, which includes a screw-on ring that attaches to your camera’s tripod mount and a clip to fasten it to the Lens Loop. Since it’s made from a seatbelt, the Lens Loop rolls up easily so it doesn’t take up too much space in a camera bag.

If you’re having trouble getting excited about wearing something you’d find in the backseat of a Ford Focus, it does come in six cool colors: Burgundy, Navy, Olive, Crimson, Creme and Black. And oh yeah, it’s made in the U.S.A.

Cost: $25-$35 (depending on color)
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