Objects of Desire: Lomography LC A-120

December 1, 2014

Lomography loves kicking it old school, and its new LC-A 120 medium-format film camera is a fun excursion back to the unpredictability and creative experimentation that comes with film photography. A throwback to the Lomo LC-A camera, the LC-A 120 produces square prints using medium-format 120 roll film. You can swallow up the scene with the camera’s 38mm Minigon XL fixed-focal-length lens, which is equivalent to a 21mm wide-angle lens on a full-frame camera. It has an aperture range of f/4.5–16, with a four-step zone-focus system that can focus on objects as close as 0.6m away to 1m, 2.5m and infinity. Slide a tiny switch adjacent to the camera’s lens and you can take multiple exposures of the same frame. The included tripod thread and cable release thread let you take long exposures on a tripod. There’s also a hot shoe for adding an on-camera flash. But you’ll have to throw some virtual elbows if you want this particular model—there are only 500 LC-A 120 cameras available through the end of this year.
PRICE: $429