Objects of Desire: Manfrotto Lino Pro Field Jacket

December 6, 2010

By Dan Havlik

One of the snazzier products we saw at the photokina show in Germany a couple of months ago was from Italian tripod manufacturer Manfrotto but it wasn’t a tripod. It was a jacket. Named the Lino Pro Field Jacket after company founder Lino Manfrotto, this slick piece of outerwear is part of a new apparel line from Manfrotto that made its debut at photokina under the “Imagine More” brand. As in: Imagine more than just tripods from Manfrotto.

 Along with the Lino Pro Field Jacket, there’s a Lino Pro Wind Jacket, a Lino Pro Photo Vest, etc. You get the idea.

Though the principal that “form follows function” may be true, it can lead to some pretty awful looking clothing in the photography world—khaki photo vest with a million pockets anyone?—but we’re happy to say this isn’t the case with the Lino line. This stuff looks great and seems highly functional as well. Or as one Manfrotto exec put it at a photokina press conference, “The garments and bags are fully functional and have the full Italian design to them.”

The Lino Pro Field jacket is a wind-resistant, all-black zip-up affair with reinforced shoulders with epaulets to thread your camera strap through so it won’t fall off your shoulder. Two tabs on either sides of the jacket’s zipper lock your camera strap down so it doesn’t swing. There are also two front pockets to stash another body or extra lenses and several interior pockets—including one discreet pocket in the sleeve—for smaller items such as memory cards or lens cloths. A rainhood is zipped away in the collar and there’s removable padding in the shoulders if you plan on hauling around heavy stuff, or are just going for that 1980s revival look. Best of all, even with the padded shoulders, this jacket is trim and form fitting so you don’t look like a bozo.

Cost: $490
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