Objects of Desire: MicroGAFFER tape

August 22, 2011

By Dan Havlik

Gaffer’s tape is an essential item for studio photographers but do you ever wish it were a bit smaller? Surprisingly, no one has thought of reducing the size of gaffer’s tape so it can fit into your pocket until now.

A company called Visual Departures, which also makes the Flexfill collapsible reflector, is now producing microGAFFER, which is just an inch wide, as opposed to the standard 2-inch width of traditional gaffer’s tape. It also starts out at a diameter of less than 2.5 inches rather the typical 6.5 inches. (How many times have you forgotten where you put your gaffer’s tape? Be honest.)

While this may not sound revolutionary, it lets you slip a roll of microGAFFER into your pocket and carry it around—without too much of a bulge showing—rather than having to constantly set it down and pick it up later.

Though it’s smaller in size, microGAFFER is the same cloth tape you know and depend on already for holding lighting equipment, securing backdrops and tying down cables, wires and other assorted studio nuisances so models and clients don’t trip on them.

Old school “zone” photographers can buy microGAFFER in a set that includes two rolls of black, one gray and one white. “Edgier” photographers—or 1980s nostalgics—might go for the Fluorescent Multi-Pack, which includes rolls in bright orange, magenta, green and yellow.

Cost: $21.50 per pack
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