Objects of Desire: Moab Lasal Exhibition Luster 300

May 16, 2011

By Dan Havlik

We think Moab’s inkjet papers are the bee’s knees and with the new Lasal Exhibition Luster 300, Moab’s created something really special. This heavyweight, 300 gsm luster paper is designed for serious photography and that’s why we like it.

Even if you’re not planning a gallery show any time soon, crank out of few of your photos on Lasal Exhibition Luster 300 and the wheels in your head will start spinning. Images printed on this paper demand to be exhibited.

Lasal Exhibition Luster 300 uses a fourth-generation paper coating from Moab to produce an extra wide color gamut. The company claims the paper produces the highest Dmax (maximum black density while still rendering detail) in a luster paper and while we weren’t able to stack it against all similar media, let’s just say it’s pretty damn good.

The new coating is also designed to improve scratch resistance, increase stiffness, cut down on curl, and optimize opacity so less light will slip through the paper and your images will look great. Named after the snow-peaked La Sal mountains in Utah—yes, that’s a common theme for Moab’s media—Lasal Exhibition Luster 300 is luxuriously thick at 11 mil and cleanly absorbs the ink for a smooth finish.

It’s available in most popular sheet sizes including 8.5 x 11, 13 x 19, A2, and A4. In rolls, you can get it at 17, 24, and 44 inches wide by 100 feet long. Lasal Exhibition Luster 300 is compatible with all archival pigmented and dye-based inkjet printers.

Cost: $12.98-$332.98, depending on size

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