Objects of Desire: Pentax 645D Red "Japan" Edition

September 6, 2011

By Dan Havlik

Yes, this is a little extravagant but it certainly is eye-catching. The 40-megapixel Pentax 645D medium-format camera turned heads when it went on sale earlier this year but more for its relatively low price ($9,995) than for its design.

With this recently announced, limited-edition version of the 645D, which is coated in “candy apple” red lacquer, that’s changed. Pentax created the custom 645D to commemorate it being named “Camera of the Year” in Japan. It definitely looks pretty sweet and, we hear, the 645D camera takes very nice pictures. (We can’t say for sure, because we still have not been able to get our hands on a 645D to test. C’mon Pentax!)

In addition to the shiny red coating, the premium Japan version of the 645D includes a custom leather strap, a special body mount cap, a center-spot-matte focusing screen, and unique paulownia-wood packaging.

And when it comes to its imaging chops, the Pentax 645D is no slouch on its own. It boasts a 44 x 33mm CCD sensor and has a dustproof, weather-resistant magnesium alloy body that can shoot in temperatures as low as 14 degrees F (-10°C). The camera accepts all Pentax 645 legacy lenses and, with the help of an adapter, 67 additional lenses.

Cost: $16,000
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