Objects of Desire: Studio Saver

October 8, 2010

By Dan Havlik

Ugly black footprints in your studio really look tacky so why not try out this convenient tacky mat to make your floors and paper backdrops appear spotless? The Studio Saver is a sticky mat that removes dirt and grit from the soles of shoes to make your studio space look spic and span for delicate models and high-maintenance clients. Studio Saver should also help reduce cleaning and cut down on wear and tear of pricey studio sets.

Studio visitors just walk across the special adhesive mat and their shoes will be cleaned off before they enter the shooting area. According to the Minneapolis-based JTC Services which makes the Studio Saver, no sticky residue from the mat is left on the bottoms of shoes after you walk across the device.

It is sold in 18 x 19-inch and 28 x 29-inch size starter kits with one base and two mats including 60 sequentially numbered adhesive sheets. You can also purchase additional mats which come with 30 adhesive sheets. Neat freaks, rejoice.

Cost: 18 x 19 starter kit – $79.95; 28 x 29-inch starter kit – $139.95

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