Objects of Desire: The iPhone Telephoto Lens

April 8, 2011

By Dan Havlik

Speaking of unique lenses, get a load of this baby: a telephoto lens that attaches to your iPhone. No, it’s not a joke and yes, it will make your iPhone look completely ridiculous but if you like shooting on-the-fly pix and want to get closer to the action, this ain’t a bad solution. (And it’ll only set you back $35.) The iPhone Telephoto Lens increases the zoom on your iPhone 3 or iPhone 4 (it won’t work on other phones) by 8x, offering you some close-up, candid capability.

Though it may look unwieldy, the Telephoto Lens kit comes with a snazzy, matte black hard case with a screw mount for the lens. Just slide the case around your iPhone, attach the lens and it’s all locked in. There’s a collapsible mini tripod that comes with the kit and clamps on to further stabilize the rig. (You can also handhold the set-up but keep your hand steady to reduce blur.)

No, the image quality of the lens is not great but if you’re shooting photos with an iPhone you probably won’t care. Also, this 8x lens is a fixed telephoto so it can’t zoom in and out. But if you run your close-up shots through one of the iPhone’s many excellent photography apps—we suggest Hipstamatic—you just might produce a mini masterpiece.

Cost: $35
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