Objects of Desire: Think Tank Photo Strobe Gel Wallet and SD Pixel Pocket Rocket

May 8, 2012

By Dan Havlik

Here are two practical and well designed traveling cases from Think Tank Photo that are made to hold small photo accessories: the Strobe Gel Wallet and SD Pixel Pocket Rocket.

The Strobe Gel Wallet (pictured) is just that, offering five clear pockets to stuff Rosco Strobist filters into so you can organize them, carry them and easily identify them when you need to add them to your flash.

The wallet folds up flat so you can fit it into your pocket, or tether it to a bag, jacket or belt. It includes the tether with clips. There’s even a slot to put your business card in if said wallet ever gets lost.

The SD Pixel Pocket Rocket isn’t a rocket at all nor is it a pixel. It’s actually kind of a wallet too, with clear enclosures for stashing up to nine SD memory cards. Like the Gel Wallet, the Pocket Rocket folds flat; has a business card slot; and a tether with clips to lock it down. There’s also a version sized for CompactFlash cards.

Prices: $15.75 (Strobe Gel Wallet); $15.75 (SD Pixel Pocket Rocket)