Objects of Desire: Varavon ProFinder

January 24, 2011

By Dan Havlik

More and more digital SLRs are adding multi-angle, articulating displays— case in point, check out the Canon EOS 60D review in this issue— but many screens still remain firmly fixed on the back of the camera. If you’re trying to shoot professional-looking video from your HD-DSLR this can be a problem, especially if you want to capture clips from interesting angles. The Varavon ProFinder offers a neat workaround, attaching to your camera via a base plate and using a system of mirrors to create a nifty waist level viewfinder.

Instead of having to lie on the ground to shoot low-angle footage, just check out your ant’s-eye perspective shots by looking down at the ProFinder. The device also has a 3X zoom built in, a diopter for nearsighted and farsighted photographers, a loupe, and is resistant to fogging. If you’re shooting in bright conditions, the ProFinder converts into a hooded viewfinder.

The main downside is its limited compatibility. At the time of this writing the Varavon ProFinder was only compatible with the Canon 5D Mark II, 7D and Rebel T2i.

Cost: $363
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