Objects of Desire: Vulture Equipment Works Variant A4

January 26, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

There are tough camera straps and then there’s the “big bastard,” as Vulture Equipment Works likes to describe their Variant A4 strap. The A4 measures 70 inches in length, so it’s long enough to wear either around the neck or slung across your torso. Heck, it’s long enough—and strong enough—to wrap a few times around a telephone pole for a down-and-dirty GorillaPod impersonation. It sports an adjustable aluminum quick-release in the event you need to quickly disengage the strap from the camera body (to stop it from strangling you) with a safety wire component that ensures you won’t accidentally engage the quick release and send your camera plummeting to the ground. The A4 is outfitted with military-grade webbing, and it’s stitched up to twice the strength required by U.S. military specifications. The carabiners are mountaineering grade. Not to be outdone, the tiny red loops on which you can affix additional gear are made from super-strong Type III parachute cord. Bottom line: Any force strong enough to tear this strap is going to destroy your camera—and you—first.

Price: $180