Panasonic Channels Selfie Craze with New Lumix GF7 Mirrorless Camera

January 20, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

Panasonic joined the throng of mirrorless camera makers seeking to quench a seemingly limitless appetite for selfies with the new Lumix GF7, a Micro Four Thirds-based interchangeable lens camera. 

The camera sports a 3-inch display that flips up 180-degrees for framing self portraits. When you tilt the display into the “selfie” position, the camera automatically enters Self Shot mode, enabling three capabilities (face shutter, buddy shutter and beauty functions) to trigger the shutter and retouch faces automatically. Face shutter will automatically snap a photo when a hand is waved in front of a face while buddy shutter will trigger the shutter when a second face enters the frame.

Built-in Wi-Fi plus an “Instant Share” feature lets you transfer images from the camera to your smartphone automatically. Wi-Fi-to-phone connectivity also powers a new “Snap Jump” feature which triggers the shutter whenever the camera (via your phone) detects that you’ve jumped. 

Beyond catering to our vanities, the GF7 sports a 16-megapixel Digital Live MOS sensor with a maximum ISO of 25,600 and 1920×1080/60p HD video recording in both the AVCHD progressive and MP4 codecs. It uses a Contrast AF system and achieves a burst mode of 5.8 frames per second, a speed that can be pushed to 40 fps when using an electronic shutter. 

Contrast AF, as well as touch focusing, are available during video recording.

It will ship with a 12-32mm lens though pricing and exact availability were not announced.