Photokina 2012: Gura Gear Shows Off New Bataflae Line of Photo Bags

September 19, 2012

By Dan Havlik

Along with all the new camera releases, the photokina show in Germany has seen a fair share of photo accessory announcements. One of our favorite photo bag companies, Gura Gear, used photokina to unveil its new line of Bataflae (pronouced “butterfly”) bags, which takes some of the innovations of its earlier products and expands them.

Gura Gear’s Bataflae bag line comes in two sizes: the large 32L and slightly smaller 26L. The Bataflae 32L ($449) can fit standard and pro-sized DSLRs, medium format cameras, and video camera bodies. With a DSLR attached, the bag can fit up to a 500mm f/4 or up to 800mm unattached and with the hood reversed.

The Bataflae 26L ($339) can fit the same types of cameras as the larger model but with up to a 400mm f/2.8 lens attached to a DSLR body or up to 500mm unattached with the hood reversed. No, these bags aren’t cheap but we found earlier models, including the Kiboko 22L (reviewed here) to be extremely high quality and expect the same from these new bags.

Gura Gear bags in the past have used its simple butterfly flap system that opens only half of the main storage compartment, letting you grab the important gear quickly while keeping other stuff stowed away safely. The new Bataflae bags do that one better with the company’s “patent pending” butterfly multi-access system, which gives you both half access and full access if you need it. We got a demo of the new system at photokina and switching from half access to full access takes just one click of a buckle on the packs.

While Gura Gear’s packs have been basic black in the past, these new Bataflae models also come in quietly stylish grey and tan colors. The bags have new YKK RC Fuse zippers with weather resistant coating to prevent dust and water from seeping in while still being easy to pull open when you’re in a hurry to get to your gear.

More details in the press release below.



Introducing the camera bag with an innovative patent pending multi-access system designed for traveling visual artists.

OGDEN, UT (September, 2012) – Designed by Gura Gear, the company that developed the revolutionary Kiboko photo bags, the Bataflae represents the next evolution of creative design and refinement for photographers and videographers featuring a patent pending butterfly multi-access system and stowaway harness. Bataflae is aimed at traveling photographers needing to navigate through the world’s airports with carry-on compatibility and a lightweight durable design.

Bataflae’s unique patent pending butterfly multi-access system features a smarter way of carrying and accessing camera gear. The unique configuration maximizes the interior space making it possible to work out of the bag with multiple bodies attached to lenses in the field. Available in 32L and 26L variants, the Bataflae swallows professional size DSLRs, medium format systems, and long lenses. The butterfly flaps provide access to just the gear needed, useful in tight environments like tour vehicles and stadiums, or in rough conditions where exposing the entire kit is less desirable. There are times, however, when opening the bag completely is helpful, like loading and unloading or in studio environments. With the quick pinch of a buckle, the butterfly flaps release to a full traditional opening.

Available in black, grey, and tan, the Bataflae is PVC-free, features durable materials, flawless craftsmanship and the world’s best zippers, YKK RC Fuse with a weather resistant coating that repels dust and water while remaining flexible and easy to operate.

Additional innovative features of the Bataflae include a M.O.L.L.E. compatible side attachment system that allows for unique multi-point tripod/monopod configurations as well as the attachment of other accessories with the innovative quick-hook side straps. Each bag comes with a removable seam-sealed adjustable rain cover/ground cloth, fully riveted handles, and color-coded zipper pulls that can easily be operated with gloved hands. Two full-length external accessory compartments on the front allow for the storage of travel documents, light jacket and snacks, while the multiple internal mesh pockets and a fully adjustable divider system help keep gear organized.

Bataflae is Bislama (Vanuatu) for ‘butterfly’.

Bataflae 32L and 26L are available for pre-order at or by calling +1 (801) 823-2809.