Epson Goes Wider with New SureColor P800 Printer

April 16, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

When we tested Epson’s SureColor P600 photo printer with photographer David Patiño, he had one parting thought for us. “I just wish it was bigger.”

Well, now it is.

Epson announced the newest member of its SureColor family this week. The P800 builds off of the P600 by going wider. It can print on media up to 17 inches wide versus 13 inches for the P600. It will also use larger, 80ml ink cartridges. 

Otherwise, you’re looking at a mostly identical printer. It uses the same eight-ink UltraChrome HD inkset and offers a front feeder for thicker fine art papers, built-in Wi-Fi and a touch screen display. If you spring for an optional $200 roll-feeder accessory, you can produce 10-foot panoramas on roll media.

The SureColor 800 ships in June for $1,295. The 80ml ink cartridges will retail for $60 a pop.

Epson also announced further details into the permanence testing being conducted on the SureColor products by Henry Wilhelm, director of Wilhelm Imaging Research and an expert on print longevity. 

At WPPI, Epson revealed that color prints made with the SureColor’s UltraChrome HD ink on Epson’s Premium Luster, Exhibition Fiber and Ultra Smooth Fine Art papers would last for over 200 years if properly stored, per Wilhelm’s testing. 

Now, the company has revealed that black-and-white prints created with the UltraChrome HD ink using the SureColor’s advanced black-and-white print mode could hit the 400 year mark if properly stored.

While Wilhelm’s tests are still ongoing, Epson said the preliminary results indicate that the new UltraChrome HD inkset is delivering twice the longevity ratings as the previous generation ink.