A Faster Lightroom Is Here

February 13, 2018

If there’s one thing Adobe Lightroom users have been asking for since, well, seemingly forever, it’s a faster Lightroom.

With the release of Lightroom Classic CC v7.2 those prayers may be answered.

According to Adobe, if you own a computer with 12GB of RAM or more, you should enjoy a faster Lightroom experience during import/export, moving between images in the Loupe view and when creating HDR and panoramic images.

Beyond the speed boost, v7.2 brings a new features:

* In the Folders panel of the Library module, a new option has been introduced to quickly create collections from folders. If a folder contains subfolders, you can also choose to create a collection set that has the same hierarchy as that of the top folder.

* In the Map module, you can now add a group of photos at the same location on the map to a collection. To do so, right-click any photo pin or group of pins on the map and choose Create Collection from the context-menu.

* A new filter has been added in the Library Filter bar and the Filmstrip to filter images based on their edited or unedited status. You can access this new filter option across several different locations.

* In the Folders panel of Library module, you can now mark folders as favorite. You also have the option to filter favorite folders within the Folders panel.

* You can now create smart collections based on a new rule – ‘Has Edits.’

Lightroom Classic CC v7.2 is available now.