Adobe Rolls Out Update Across the Lightroom Ecosystem

June 19, 2018

Adobe is rolling out several new features for Lightroom on the desktop, cloud and mobile devices.

The cloud-based Lightroom CC will now be able to synchronize both presets and profiles, including custom-created presets and third-party presets and profiles between all versions of Lightroom CC (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, ChromeOS and web).

Lightroom CC is also getting several new features for Windows and Mac users:

  • Batch copy and paste of image settings from one image to multiple photos
  • More controls over image sharing for photos uploaded to

The original Lightroom, Lightroom Classic CC, will receive several updates as well:

  • New preset management tools that allow you to expand and collapse all profiles, control the visibility of profiles, and rename and manage presets.
  • Faster folder searching
  • The ability to assign color labels to folders and filter folders by color label
  • Auto stacking of HDR and panoramic images

You can now color code folders.

The mobile and Chrome OS versions of Lightroom CC will also see a few new features including:

  • The ability to create and save presets
  • A healing brush to remove dust, spots or blemishes
  • Chromatic aberration removal (for iOS only)
  • Automatic image tagging and Best Photos, part of Adobe’s technology previews and previously available on the desktop versions of Lightroom CC, are now on mobile
  • A Long Exposure technology preview on iOS devices captures a series of DNG still images, stabilizes them and merges them into a single image. The iPhone camera only supports shutter speeds as slow as 1/4 second so Adobe’s “long exposure” is more of computational mimicry.
  • Guided support technology preview lets iOS and Android walks less experienced users through Lightroom features.
Adobe Lightroom CC

Preset syncing.

All of the Lightroom updates are available today.