Photoshop’s AI-Powered Editing Trick Looks Very Promising

November 28, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

When we interviewed Adobe’s Senior Principal Scientist, John Brandt, about how the company is using artificial intelligence, the answer was fairly prosaic: to better understand what is in an image.

“The more we understand what’s in the image, the better we can work with it,” Brandt told us.

Now we have a nice illustration of how Adobe is leveraging this image knowledge in a forthcoming Photoshop CC tool called Select Subject.

Select Subject uses machine learning to detect objects in the image to automatically make a selection around a subject and isolate them from their background. It works with individual or multiple subjects and takes just a single click to isolate your subject(s).

Adobe released the teaser video to give you a sense of Select Subject in action. No word yet on when you can expect it, but it will be rolled out to Photoshop CC in the future.

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Hat tip: DP Review