Datacolor Spins Out Newest Spyder Monitor Calibrators

April 7, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

Datacolor has revamped its Spyder series of monitor calibration tools. According to Datacolor, the new Spyder5 series offers a redesigned optical engine that delivers up to a 55 percent improvement in tonal response at low luminance levels compared to the prior model.

The Spyder5 will be available in three configurations. All will use the new colorimeter, which offers a 27mm aperture with 7 filters. Initial calibration takes five minutes to complete and re-calibrations take 2.5 minutes (available in Pro and Elite versions only).

An Express version, for $129, offers a colorimeter with two fixed calibration settings. It lets you view before-and-after results of your calibration using a preset image and uses a streamlined, four-step process to guide users through monitor calibration. Express offers support for ICC 2 color profiles.

The $189 Spyder5 Pro offers 16 calibration settings and lets you perform before-and-after reviews using your own images, not just Datacolor presets. The Pro version also features ambient light monitoring in three settings. Pro offers support for ICC 2 and ICC 4 color profiles.

Finally, the $279 Spyder5 Elite builds off the Pro by adding an unlimited number of calibration settings, including user-defined and Rec. 709 options for videographers. It can calibrate front projectors in addition to monitors and laptops and offers five ambient light settings. You’ll also get a full-screen option for comparing before/after calibration images. Additional features available to Elite owners include gamma curve editing, continuous profile and calibration checking, a display history utility and more.